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Design of Banners for your Website

What is a banner?

A banner is an advertising format on the Internet. This form of Internet advertising consists of including a graphic piece on a web page.


What is the purpose of creating a banner?

Your goal is to attract traffic to the advertiser's website. If your company needs to promote a new product or service on your website, you can do so by designing banners.


How does it work?

In theory, is to conceptualize in images and text the idea to be transmitted so that the user is attracted to click on the banner so that it can reach more customers.


How to design creative banners?

It is not easy to stand out from the huge amount of visual impacts that are launched from any page on the internet. However, effective creative banners always meet the following aspects:


Be clear about the concept/idea that you want to work
Focus on your target audience /target, young audience, older adults, men, ladies?

Clear message, the message should be brief and direct, but above all, do not create confusion.
Attractive design, the design should be eye-catching, dynamic and creative. In addition, it is important to decide if your banner will be static or moving.


For an advertising campaign to obtain good results it is important to create attractive and effective banners. There are several formats and sizes.

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