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The logo is the image of any brand identity. It represents the first impression for any business, so its design is extremely important. When done correctly, the logo is a powerful asset to our client's brand. However, creating a visual and effective representation of a brand requires much more than graphic design.


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Like any line of work that involves a set of specific skills, the logo design process for designers and clients requires a lot of practice and experience to be successful. Knowledge is definitely power for any graphic designer, for this reason, at Unique Guru we have selected some rules to make a successful logo design:


Preliminary work of the sketches Ideas for logo design


Preliminary sketches are an important first step in designing a logo. These can be as simple as drawings on paper and pencil or drafts made with a vector program, such as Illustrator. Without sketches, the final result of the work is compromised. Begin with 20 or 30 sketches or ideas to create variations of the original ideas. If nothing seems to work, start again and sketch new ideas. An effective graphic designer will spend more time in this preliminary work than in any other step of the design process.


Create balance for logo design


Balance is important in the design of the logo because our minds naturally perceive a balanced design as pleasant and attractive.
Keep your logo balanced by placing graphics, colors and size similarly on each side. Although the rule of balance can sometimes be broken, remember that your logo will be seen by the masses, not only by those who seek great art, so a balanced design is the safest approach.


Size Matters: Logo size and design


When it comes to logo design or brand identity design, size does matter. A logo should look good and be legible in all sizes. A logo is not effective if it loses too much definition when the size is reduced for letterheads, envelopes and small promotional items. The logo should also look good when used for larger formats, such as posters, billboards and electronic formats such as TV and Web. The most reliable way to determine if a logo works in all sizes is by doing the tests: keep in mind that the smaller scale is usually the hardest to obtain, so start by printing the logo on an envelope and see if it is readable. You can also try the large-scale representation by printing a poster-sized version in a printing press.


Use color wisely: Color and logo design


The theory of color is complex, but designers who understand the basics can take advantage of color as a strength. The basic rules for using color are:


  • Use close colors in the chromatic circle (for example, for a "warm" palette, use red, orange and yellow tones).
  • Do not use bright colors that are strong for the eyes.
  1. The logo should also look good in black and white, grayscale and in two colors.
  • Breaking the rules is sometimes fine; Just make sure you have a good reason to do it!


Knowing how colors turn up feelings and moods is also important. For example, red can turn up feelings of aggression, love, passion and strength. Keep this in mind when you try different color combinations and try to match the color with the overall tone and feel of the brand. Playing with individual colors is another good idea. Some brands are recognizable only by their distinctive color.


The typography: Typography and logo design


Choosing the correct font type and size is much more difficult than many beginning designers can think of. If the logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the slogan, you will have to spend time sorting several types of sources (often, dozens) and testing them in your design logo before making a final decision. Try both the serif fonts and the sans-serif fonts, script, italics, bold and custom fonts. Only in this way can you see how typography can give personality to your brand.


Consider three main aspects when choosing a typeface to accompany the design of your logo:


  • Avoid the most common sources, such as Comic Sans, or your design may seem like an amateur job.
  • Make sure that typography is legible when reduced, especially with script fonts.
  • A typography is ideal. Avoid using more than two.


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