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We are the best choice in logo design in the USA, creative and original.


We are the best option when it comes to creating a Business Logo Design for a company, designing logos or what is known as branding. Get to know us and try our solutions in graphic design, business logo design, corporate business card design, brand identity design, header design, banner design, Cover design magazine design, web design, Flyer Design, T-shirt Design and more.


A logo is the first image that represents and defines a brand or a company in a simple way. It is the graphic, differentiating and unique representation of the brand identity.


We create personalized logos, original, creative, unique, different, easily remembered, practical and simple for companies and entrepreneurs.


The corporate logo design begins with the analysis of the company, to whom it is addressed, competences and the message that is to be transmitted. Next, we create some proposals. The customer chooses, and we generate different versions for the different uses of the logo: different sizes, applications, typography, etc.


Value your brand is to value our work
In our design agency Unique guru is Creative, we believe that creativity is our way of life and creative design as such must be the essence of our projects.


In Unique Guru we offer professional and quality solutions available to everyone, providing a totally personalized service. We attend to the needs of each client advising you to offer the creative solution in business logo design that best suits your project.


Our design studio guarantees that you will be happy with the result of your logo design, in addition to creating the brand, we accompany you to give you a global image, that is, what branding is. Valuing our work is essential, because thanks to your brand, people will come to you, identify you and choose you. Therefore, giving the right image is essential for your company to go ahead and stand out from the others.


We have different logo design packs with rates in graphic design updated and prepared to fit the needs of each client and each project. 


In the design agency Unique Guru, we are dedicated both to the design of logos and the design of Business so we have the best team to design your logo thinking on the Brand

A vectorization consists of transforming real Logos into computer-designed Logos. It is achieved by calculating the lines and geometric figures that make up the Logos, achieving drawings with contours and clearly defined fills. Vectorizing could be translated into "tracing" a Logo in vector objects, through specific graphic design programs. 


In Unique Guru design agency we make vectorizations to order logos, flags, badges and we specialize in this service for companies.

Brand Design and Business Logo Design for Identity

We create Brand Identity, design logos and work everything by hand. The design of Brand is one of our passions. All our logos are manually worked and have this personalized touch to make each project unique. Unique Guru aspires to fulfill the requirements of its clients by providing the Unique logo design services. We provide Best Brand Design within 4 hours


Our Commitment Only $35:

TOTALLY customized Premium Logo Design for High-End Branding


Created by Professional Adobe Certified Designers ONLY!


Trademark Ready concepts!


Provide Vector Source Files of the One finalized Design.


Unlimited Revision Rounds for your design.


IMPRESSIVE 2 Social Media Covers for (Facebook  & Twitter ONLY)


Enterprise-Grade VIP support 24 hours!