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90 Degrees is a cafe with an art gallery, where you will enjoy a quality coffee, alone or in company, always in a unique environment, full of art and relaxation, it is also a space for local artists as well as for coffee beans producers You can also enjoy sandwiches with unique and homemade recipes in an urban and cool environment.



90 Degrees are designed for people from 18 to 60 years of the middle class to high in the Valle area, the brand asked Uniqueguru to design its logo, suggesting a casual, fun, minimalist, urban and sober image.



This logo design of minimalist style concentrates the various elements around the place in a graphic with a lot of personalities, in the number zero the mark is also formed that often leaves the coffee on the plate, glasses or napkin, the sign of Degrees is replaced by a drop of coffee or paint hinting at coffee + art as expressed in the text below.



This logo design also of minimalist and urban style shows a cup of coffee that is formed between the number zero and the sign of degrees, its strokes are of contemporary style with a touch of technology, the typography with rounded corners harmonizes with the forms of the graphics.



This logo design mixes the concepts of coffee and art in a very creative way and with a style between retro and contemporary since it uses many elements as in the graphics of the eighties but with the current minimalism, the upper corner shows traces of 90 degrees in different positions as forming a work of art or creative frame, the center is formed a cup of coffee between the picture and the handle that is formed with the sign of Degrees, Art + Coffee texts reinforce the central shape and conform in general a very suitable logo.



The client selected prototype A and requested some adjustments such as adding more effect and texture to the coffee stain. He also requested to watch and integrate the word Grados to the circle as well as a funnier typeface to number 9 as if it were an artist's signature.



This design emerged in the laboratory of the selected design, now the coffee stain forms an emblem that integrates within its name and tagline, achieving a logo with a lot of styles and that clearly transmits the fusion of coffee and art.



This design was made with the collaboration of the client, where through a laboratory of ideas, a design more suited to the personality of the bohemian, urban, artistic, industrial, organic, handcrafted with grunge touches, that new design was achieved It evokes a seal with those that mark the coffee sacks also and forms an emblematic logo very suitable for the business.



In the logos of the sector, you can see very varied shapes, where circular, square and ornamental figures stand out for the most classic, you can see that the logos made for 90 degrees have some of these elements but with their own style and personality and even better than many in the sector.