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Company Logo Design for brand identity


Design of professional logos

At Uniqueguru Ibérica we offer you custom logo design service, whose sole purpose is to strengthen the brand of our clients and make your visual communication strategy more effective.


The logo is the hallmark of a business. Close your eyes and think of a well-known multinational. Is not the logo design the first thing that comes to mind? Colors, shapes, words and drawings or photographs have been retained in your brain, quickly identifying the company and its values.


We define the logo of our clients according to the values they want to transmit, providing an aesthetic and emotional value to their communication strategy.


And to achieve this our company offers a global service of corporate communication: logo design , production of graphics standards manuals, corporate identity, banner ads design, flyer design, web design, t-shirt design, design of promotion elements at the point of sale and trade show booth, communication campaigns integral, organization of company events, merchandising, layout of catalogs and internal bulletins, as well as a personalized web design.


All our services are carried out by professionals of communication, design and web programming. Our work philosophy is based on constant collaboration with our clients and the design of customized solutions that meet their needs. We also offer products for all types of needs and companies and we adjust to the budget of each of our customers. Because we believe that the design should reach all types of companies and clients, the professionals that form our graphic design department allow us to offer personalized and high-quality logo design services at very competitive prices.


We have a design department formed by the best professionals dedicated exclusively to maximize creativity to create the best logos for your business. We completely cede the property rights on the final logo. We enclose with your logo all the necessary information to be able to make the necessary supports in any professional printing.