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The graphic design is the art of creating images that impact consumers. It requires a lot of experience, good taste, and skill. A graphic designer is responsible for creating banners, brochures, advertising pamphlets, labels and logos that meet only one goal: call our attention, communicate something and get to the heart with what you are trying to say. Graphic design is visual communication, where success is determined by the measurable result of what is created, not only by the "beautiful" that is seen. Get the latest in graphic design!



To say that graphics are the making of the visual would not be bad. It is an art of combining ideas, images as well as texts in publications or a web page. The history of graphic design goes back to when people used to draw on walls, although it was in the 1960s when people became obsessed with the power of images and graphic design became a part of popular culture.



Graphic design and visual culture
The graphic design gradually became a much more significant feature that was and is used worldwide. After the Second World War, a visual culture appeared and people started using these different visual graphics to attract other people. This culture has begun to revolutionize the way people learn things or the way they spend the days of their lives.



However, in the 20th century, designs were used more to persuade and attract customers, which became the reason for the change in cultural attitudes and behaviors.



The use of graphic design in the 21st century grew more and more and now you can see it everywhere: books, traffic signs, web pages, TV graphics, manuals and every little detail of your life. The general lifestyle has improved and now people want to see more and understand without having to read a text.



It was at the birth of the Internet that companies began to realize that there is another mode of advertising through which one could reach and more people. The internet has now become a general forum where people can conduct their business. Companies have created web pages that can give their customers a much easier way to connect. This digital technology has proven to be a type of visual communication. Due to this, the designers saw the need to make the web pages attract attention. Through this, graphic designs have helped many people create an identity for their work.



Since the same graphic designs are being used by many companies and brands, the effect of them has decreased. However, this 2016, the web pages will be converted into something unique.



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