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Corporate Business Card Design

If you have a company and would like to change that corporate business identity and update it to the new times. If you have in mind or are creating a new business, we offer our corporate identity design service, performed by a qualified professional in Graphic Design and Marketing.


Our corporate identities are 100% original and appropriate to the needs and preferences of our clients. We create corporate identities based on concepts inspired by the philosophy and characteristics of your company.


What does the design of the corporate identity include?

 Choice of corporate colors PANTONE, CMYK and RGB.
Design of corporate stationery and applications: design of business cards, letter paper design, envelope design, corporate folder design, corporate seal, email signatures, social media avatar, flyer design, and other corporate elements that the client needs.
Corporate identity manual.


How much does the design of the corporate identity cost?

As the design work is a personalized and exclusive work, we like to know the specific characteristics of the work, to know the time that will involve us and thus be able to give a budget that is more adjusted to the needs of the client.


How long will I have my corporate identity?

The delivery period is established according to the client's needs, taking into account that the design of a corporate identity involves a series of steps: proposals and modifications until the definitive version is found, but in principle, the process does not have to last more than two or three weeks.


Do not leave design or visibility aside in your new venture or your company. We believe that there are already too many limits when it comes to launching into the world, therefore, we try to facilitate it.


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