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Creative ideas to make your business cards succeed


Business cards are still useful today, although many of us do not have them in mind. The technological change with which we live day by day makes us believe that these cards have gone out of style, but in truth, it is still an effective and productive printed marketing material. It is a perfect means to distinguish and demonstrate the personality of a company.


Remember that they are like a cover letter with a lot of power since it summarizes who you are, what you do and how to find you. However, one of the most complicated parts is the design of the cards. So if you have in mind renew your business cards, here we leave you ten ideas with which you will give the creative touch you need to get the attention of everyone around you.


We hope you like it!


Use illustrations

We are accustomed to having the business cards consist of the company logo and some phrase that fulfills the signature function. Breaking this up and using illustrations can be a good way to get attention. And if not, look what the digital agency Ueno Branding prepared to spruce up its own image: business cards with illustrations to summarize the personality of each member of the agency. Without a doubt, the result is really great.


Shape your cards

The typical square business cards with the name of the company, logo and contact may seem a little outdated. Well, nothing happens. If you want, you can give them shape by applying the personality of your brand so that customers identify them with the product or service you offer. Take for example the family business of Arcades Zelkys and its business card in the form of a game ticket, or the company Hida Kuma, environmental protection, whose card is in the form of a sheet.


Choose the colors well

Colors are very important in advertising and marketing because of their communication capacity: they can transmit and express sensations, feelings and moods. One of the main functions of color is to attract the attention of the public to arouse their interest. Each company must use the colors that define it and identify it. This is an example of Marine Laurent, graphic designer, who has combined bold and risky colors with own illustrations. Result? Something surprising and very personal.


What if we try augmented reality?

This is one of the fashion techniques at this time. It consists of combining the real world with the virtual world through a computer process, which enriches the visual experience and improves the quality of communication. Thanks to this technology you can add extra information to the real world so our business card becomes an interactive element that comes to life thanks to the mobile phone. This is a good example made by graphic designer Robiul Alam


Interactive business cards

Okay, you may not have the budget to develop the technology needed to create a card with augmented reality. But that does not mean that it can not be interactive. As an example of this, take a look at the cover letter from Like Giants, a small but energetic production company. The company sought to demonstrate to the public its experience in storytelling, so they created a series of transparent and interactive business cards with a giant friend.


Everything that is seen through the card creates a scene with the character. Customers, suppliers and audiences received these cards to join the #uniqueguru15 story. He had a great participation in social networks where people shared their interactions with the giant in buildings, beaches, roads, etc.. 


Creativity first of all

With a good creative idea for your business card, you already have almost everything won. But remember that not only is it about being creative, but design must also be related to the product or service that your company offers. Take for example this business card for Dr. Federico Álvarez, dentist and dentist. Can it molar more?


Adapt the corporate image of the company

A business card has to represent the corporate identity of the company so that the customer can identify it at first glance. There are many ways to do it: combination of representative colors of the company, shapes, applying symbols, including the product or service, etc. Here I bring the case of the gym "The Hive" (or "La Colmena"). Your visit card is a combination of all the above mentioned. Yellow and black colors associated with bees and illustrations of weights that show the service offered.


Vertical designs

Probably if you think of a business card, the image that comes to your head is of a card with the information placed horizontally. But why does it have to be like this? A vertical design can also distinguish us from the rest, bringing a new perspective to the cards. In addition, it allows us to create new creative ideas when designing them using another space that is not the traditional one.


Less is more

Minimalism is sexy. To launch a message or communicate an idea, you do not need 10 different typographies, 20 colors or fireworks. There are many times when less is more. And if not, take a look at this job for the SBon clothing brand, whose personal cards are based on a design with soft colors and the minimum number of possible elements.


Colored Edges

If you want to give a special touch to your business cards, one of the trends in recent years are the colored edges. It is a technique that you can ask your printer or you can do yourself with markers or spray. Without a doubt, it is an original touch that can complement the rest of the design of the card very well. And if not, look how they have been with the border decorated with iridescent paint.