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Try to remember your last visit to a mall or some other large public space. As humans, it is in our nature to observe others - what they are using, what they say and how they look.


We are willing to bet that there were t-shirts with logos all around you. Some rock band that you had never heard of or even the name of a local business. T-shirts are actually "street ads" for the brand they represent.


Guess what? That's marketing doing its job. At least one of those shirts put the name of something in your head and even ignited your curiosity to investigate the business more thoroughly. Maybe you went so far as to take out your smartphone and perform a quick search on the web.


T-shirts: Promotional Products or Traveling Ads? Small business owners know that doing marketing for their name and brand is an important part of being successful, especially today, where competition is fierce and certain segments of the market are loyal to a brand.


A personalized t-shirt is one of the best marketing tools to create awareness of your brand: they are literally mobile ads that work for you. But sticking your company logo on a shirt is only the first step. How can you use t-shirts with logos effectively? We present 3 things you can try:


1. In your Clients - Since the last t-shirts are quite economical, you can order large quantities to distribute among your customers. Any ideas:


Wear t-shirts to your sales appointments or demonstrations to deliver as a gift at the end. Good quality shirts will be used (maybe not by the person you give them to). Gifts for Highly Valued Customers - In addition to your standard shirt, ask for a high-quality shirt or polo shirt to give to your frequent and loyal customers.

2. At Your Employees - When you need help at a supermarket, you look for someone with the company shirt, right? That's all the evidence you need to know that a recognizable uniform definitely makes a difference to your customers.


If you require your employees to wear a uniform, provide t-shirts with the company logo. If your employees are free about what they can use, why not give them shirts to wear on casual Fridays? You can also reward an exceptional Design with a special shirt.


3. In Community Events - Each community has special or annual events. They can focus on promoting local businesses, raising awareness about a topic or raising funds for a local charity.


This is the perfect opportunity to make your name known. Think of a local fundraiser or a walk: you or someone you know can register at the event and wear a company shirt.


Even better, you can sponsor a business team and each participant can use your "colors." This makes "walking ad" as literal as possible, do not you think?


Ready to wear the T-shirt of the Company? T-shirts are affordable and it's easier than ever to personalize and acquire them. Who says you can only have a shirt design to represent your business?


You can have multiple designs and use them to promote your company in a clever way. There really are no limits to what you can do with a shirt. When you're designing a shirt, keep a couple of things in mind.


You want it to reflect your company and transmit professionalism, so incorporate the logo of your company and try to be consistent with the color palettes that are in your existing marketing materials and your website or domain.


Make sure you check how your shirts will look before sending them out. The letters should be clear and easy to read, with the correct font size and color combinations.