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Standard Business Card Design Services


The business cards are our business card to potential customers , it is essential to take care of their design and printing to achieve a quality result; are the printed product in which more variety of finishes can be made, from basic cards without plasticizing to laminated cards, with selective UVI varnish, UVI varnish in 3 dimensions, stamping gold or silver, printing on special papers, ... you can see examples to be business cards and everything to get attention with creative ideas on paper or special finishes that do not leave indifferent to who receives one of our cards. 


The preferred dimensions for cards are 8.5 × 5.5 cm, 8.5 × 5 cm or 9 × 5 cm, but you can make them in any other size as long as it fits in a wallet and the client can easily save it. In this post, we will explain from the most basic to take into account to design and print business cards to ideas to surprise your customers.


What data should be included in a business card?


The first thing is to take into account our basic contact information, so we must include our company name, address, contact telephone numbers, email address, web page, ... We also include a global vision of what we offer, our services, evidently in a very summarized, but at first glance, anyone sees what products or services we can offer.


Do you need a professional designer to create them?


Once we have this information, it is convenient that a graphic designer unleash their creativity to create attractive business cards based on the multiple finishes we offer, highlighting areas of the card with bright effects, stamping gold or silver, highlight areas, ... the designer must capture the essence of your business, start working on design proposals and send them to you; From there, check that all the information you must contain is correct (often we find phones with a wrong digit, an erroneous email ...) and then look at the graphic proposal, colors, images, ... no doubt a designer can get an impact with your cards to help you attract customers.


You will be proud of your business cards. We offer you hundreds of templates created by professional designers, with a great variety of styles. No matter what your profession or what style you want for your design, Uniqueguru has the ideal business card template for you. Have you come up with a very specific idea for your design? You can also design your card from scratch.


Design a business card with the identity of your brand. We know how important your brand image is. Therefore, with Uniqueguru it is very easy to design a business card according to your brand. And we also take care of the finished design. The goal of a business card is for people to remember you. With your business card made in Unique guru, you will be remembered for your capacity for innovation and for your originality.


Keep your business cards up to date

As the design of your business card is saved in your Unique guru account, you can make changes whenever you want, wherever you want.