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Think about what you are going to represent your Eye-Catching T-Shirts Design. Maybe you want to advertise your cleaning company, your rock band, or your favorite sports team; Or maybe you want to use a personal illustration. The purpose of your shirt will determine the design.


If you want to advertise a company, a band, a sports team, or a brand, you should probably focus on the logo. For example, the Nike logo is a very simple but effective design. In the design for a sports team could be their representative colors or your pet. The design for a band could focus on a characteristic icon or a graphic that represents the style of the band.



If you want to show a personal illustration or a drawing, you will have to imagine what it would look like on a shirt. Make your artwork look original and select the colors you will work with.
Consider using a photo in your t-shirt design. Use a photo of your property or you can download one from the Internet (which is considered public domain). Also, you can buy stock photos.



Choose a combination of colors. When designing a shirt, it is important to think about the contrast of colors. This means the appearance that certain colors of ink will have in the design in contrast to a light colored shirt or a dark colored one. On the computer screen, certain colors seem more vibrant on a clear (or dark) shirt than they really are when printed.



When printing on lighter shirts, avoid using pastel colors such as yellow, blue or pink. These colors will be visible on the shirts, but they may not be readable from a distance, and if you are designing a shirt with a logo, you must make sure it can be read from afar.
If you decide to use pastel colors, add a darker color scheme than the light color to highlight the text and make it easier to read.



T-shirts in dark colors look good with lighter ink colors, such as pastels. But be careful when using dark ink colors on dark-colored T-shirts (such as metallic blue, brown or forest green). These colors can be seen well on the computer or in a drawing, but when printed, the color of the shirt sometimes distorts the color of the ink. As a result, they may turn brown or look dull.


We Uniqueguru decide to use the Adobe Illustrator program to create your custom t-shirt design, the global color configuration help enormously with the color schemes.



Our design looks better like a centered image, an image on the top left of the shirt, or as an image with a wraparound effect. If you are designing a shirt for a brand or company, a simple design can be more effective at the center of the shirt.



Better T-shirt designs Services for your Online Store. Our Professional t-shirt designer creates an eye-catching t-shirt graphic using basic shapes and simple techniques for your business.


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