Best Professional Fonts for Logo Design

Modern fonts to give your font logo designs

We are a team of graphic designers with an experience of over 5 years in the field. We are glad to say that we had collaborated with internal and external clients, as we still do. We love to discuss ideas, build from scratch new concepts and improve the designs that you want to be kept, but to be modernized. Even if we are new on this platform, we are formed of people from a variety of segments: graphic design, architecture, video editing, photo editors.

Two gigs stand on your behalf: the one that offers LOGO CONCEPTS and another one that offers CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS, which is recently opened. 

The first gig can help you find a large variety of professional designed logos, like the ones in a minimalist style, vintage style, feminine style, handwritten/signature style, badge style, negative space style, versatile style. While the second is created for you to receive the perfect character illustration of ... truly anything, even of you! 

CLEVERTYPO is build on passion, innovation and smart concepts. 
Choose to work with us and you will work with the best!