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In our list of good ideas for online business cards, you can not miss some advice on the source to be used and on readability. If the reading requires a particular effort, your business card will be ignored by a casual observer and will be annoying for the interested party.



In order for the characters to be legible, they must contrast with the background and have a size appropriate to the graphics format: do not make them too small and use colors that go in harmony.



To get a professional business card it is better to avoid fantasy sources, unless your activity requires it, and use, on the contrary, simpler and cleaner lines.



The Sans Serif characters, that is, the unfinished fonts, are often used precisely because they are very modern, clean and with many families to choose from. In recent years, among the most used worldwide is Gotham , which became popular thanks to the posters of Obama's election campaign for the 2008 presidential elections, thus becoming a case study.



Among the most interesting sources, today is also Mensrea, for the family of characters that combines a large number of styles. Others are: Nibbles , a type of linear character inspired by food, ideal for operations of brand image and editorial design; Auro , character with personality for its rounded shape and friendly appearance, a family functional and readable in both small and large sizes; and Deleplace , a modern, delicate, refined and current character that evokes a classic past.



The choice of colors for business cards

The choice of colors should always be made based on very precise criteria: if there are some characteristic colors of the corporate image, they should always be used for greater coordination, as we discussed at the beginning of our list of ideas for business cards. So, for example, if the logo of our society is green, it is not advisable to use red as the main color: always keep a visual thread!



Chromatic choice has a remarkable influence on the way we present ourselves to others: cold colors like blue can convey an idea of seriousness and guarantee, while warm colors like yellow and red give an idea of extroversion and creativity.


Ideas for very synthetic business cards

The business card is small format cardboard with a short, immediate and easy to understand a text. Your idea of a business card will be good if you can adequately cover these three objectives:

Say who you are
Communicate what your company is
Provide simple and clear contact information
Therefore, it is necessary to decide which elements will have priority, excluding a priori everything that is superfluous, such as photos or useless information.

A good business card should include name or logo of the company, your name or position, address, phone number, email, website, and social networks. It is important since the essential data is a memorandum for future contact.


Original business cards: differentiating elements


The creative ideas for a good business card are endless, but at the same time, limited, precisely because we must stick to the corporate image, its market and what we want to convey.


To have original business cards it is useful to add differentiating elements, that is, those elements that allow us to distinguish ourselves from others. They can be "borrowed", projected and designed based on the company's own logo. Individual or simple forms, colors or fades, among others, could be elements that can be created to reinforce the corporate image, arousing and stimulating interest on the part of the interlocutor.