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How to design a business card to be commercially successful
We gather tips from professionals in the design of business cards to make a guide on how these elements so common in the business world should be


The business cards are an element with several years behind them, but that is still used and much in the business world. How to create a business card that attracts attention? What information should we really include in business cards?


What is the most important thing about a business card?


Each business card must convey the philosophy and values of the company at a glance. It is a tool for communication and corporate image, so it must be consistent with the other elements of the brand. It cannot be independent, but be within what the organization has to transmit. It must also draw attention so that the person who has it quickly remembers it and associates it with the person who gave it to him or when he took it.


What general advice would you give for its preparation?


In the first place, I would reflect on which people I want to give it to and in what contexts. And from there I would work on its content and image. From uniqueguru we recommend simplicity, work on a single idea and place the essential information. It is not necessary to put all the charges, all the addresses, four telephones, and even the fax, which is barely used.


What colors should be used? The same as the corporate ones?


For what we said at the beginning, the image of the card should be consistent with the corporate image of the company, so yes, we recommend using the same corporate colors, as well as the typography chosen by the entity.


Do you recommend including the logo or would it not be necessary?


Yes, we also recommend it, although there are many possibilities and you can "play" with the logo so that it is in a more original way, without losing its identity.


At the content level: what data, if or yes, should be on a business card to be useful?


The necessary data strictly necessary so that they can contact us. In short, name and surname, position, mobile phone and email. Then you can add a landline, the postal address, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts and other social networks.


Do I need to renew them periodically? How often?


It is not necessary. Once a model is chosen, it is best to keep it in time to become recognizable by that card. It is essential to maintain the brand image in time. Of course, before deciding on a model we must see that we have chosen the one that best suits our characteristics. The renewal of the cards could be accompanied by a new direction in the company: either a radical change of image, or a change of venue, or a new important project.


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