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Taking care of your brand's online image is very important but you should not forget that you must also pamper your brand in the offline environment. A good business card is a tool that can add value to your brand and help you differentiate yourself from your competition.


As you already know, the first impression is very important, quality business cards give you a unique opportunity to impact your potential customers. The problem is that most of the luxury business cards end up forgotten in a drawer, in a pocket or in the worst case; in the trash. But if you have a card that is consistent with your business and also surprise, you will be generating branding and brand awarnessin the mind of your client (your brand will be remembered and recognized). The unique business cards have the peculiarity that being a physical format, it is delivered by hand and the customer takes it with them; If yours are original, creative and different from the rest, you will probably keep it with care and show it to more people, getting more impacts and possible new clients.


What you can include in your luxury business cards
Name, surname and position or profession
Contact data (e-mail and professional social networks)
Logo or image


Original design according to your profession, (if it is a very serious profession you can play with design resources or materials to differentiate yourself from your competition)


Take advantage of the two parts of the card, stand out from the rest playing with touch or smell. Take care of the finish and quality of your cards, it's an extension of your brand and your image. Examples of original business cards to inspire you.


Show something of your business in your custom business cards
These examples take advantage of your luxury business cards design to show something of your business or your services in a very creative way and thanks to this they manage to remain in the memory of the people who have had them in your hands.



Make them "play" with your card
These other businesses, on the other hand, have opted to make potential customers interact and play with their cards, generating a great memory and a positive attitude towards the brand



This company dedicated to radio control aircraft created this business card so creative that it sent through conventional mail. Through this card, your customers can set up a small plane, which in addition to making reference to the company and containing information about it, fly! This is a magnificent creative example when it is possible to transmit through the luxury business card the characteristics of the company to which it refers.



A pool service company created this business card design that tells you when you should call them. This card is printed on special pH paper in the pool. Clients immerse the card in the water of their pool to test the equilibrium level of their pH. Then it changes color to indicate whether or not to call the phone number that appears on the other side of the card.


Please leave a message for special design requirements.