Double Sided Business Cards by Uniqueguru

2 sided business card design for you


The standard 4-sided Cheap Standard Business Cards are characterized by excellent paper quality, printing and delivery within 24-48 hours at your home. The double cards are used in clinics to give appointments, being able to write the time, date or in cafes to seal, etc.


2 different formats: 8.5x5.5 and 9.0x5.0 cm.



Business cards printed on one or two sides, vertical or horizontal on papers from 250 gr. Easy-to-write offset to seal up to 300 gr. Coated Brillo or Mate.

Finish: Gloss or Matte Laminate and UVI varnish on one side.
Cleft. Delivery in Plano (without folding)
Two delivery times, depending on the needs.
We also offer  other formats and finishes of Business Cards, as well as the possibility of Express Double Cards .

Also select the custom Auto Seal to seal the Double Cards.


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