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Original ideas to create visiting cards design


Why would a visiting card have to respect precise and preset rules? Now more than ever, this old but always current means of personal promotion can adapt to the most diverse dimensions and the most eccentric formats, and materials can also move away from the traditional role to present themselves in a totally innovative way. In other words, the visiting card can be transformed into an entertaining method to let us know those people with whom we have not yet come in contact. If you want to create original visiting cards, you're in the right place: here are 10 examples that can help inspire you!


When we reflect on the possibility of printing business cards online , our mind soon goes to the traditional rectangular or square cards, which are still the most widespread copies, perhaps because it is very easy (and cheap) to print them. But, in reality, creatives can conceive the more extroverted business cards starting precisely with the form. Some example? Take a look at these visiting cards made by a travel agency in Bali that, to encourage their customers to go to these destinations, decided to give the card the shape of one of the symbols of the summer: an ice cream. Who would not be tempted to put it in your pocket?


As you can see in the image, the custom visiting card lends itself to be personalized and therefore, why not start with the form? Take a look at the image below: if, for example, you are passionate about music and, perhaps, about the piano, you can think of a card cut just like ... a grand piano. Or it could have the figure of a guitar, a bass, a microphone, or an amplifier, for example. Great, is not it?


It is clear that hobbies and artistic works can coincide with non-conventional visiting cards. A creative work like that of the photographer, for example: in the image right away, would you think those are professional visiting cards? Yes, here they have been transformed into slides. Without a doubt, it is an ingenious idea to attract the attention of everyone.


To demonstrate how the same field of work can lead to an infinity of ideas let's stay a little longer in the world of photography: the slides of before or the profile of a camera lens ... here also the result is great. With just a simple and beautiful idea you will have successful cards and you will surely stand out from the others.


As you will already know, there is no limit to the fantasy, not even to the possibilities of realization. Another example is the following: thanks to some folds the professional visiting cards design can be transformed into an easel of the painter who supports the painting. A format particularly indicated for professional painters or amateurs but also for those who work for a gallery or in any art sector. How about?


And speaking of collapsible custom visiting cards that can take another form, we can not mention this other solution: the card that becomes a chair, with the information shown on the seat and on the backrest. If you work in the world of decoration, this is the solution for you.