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How To Design A Perfect Banner


Nowadays, web banner ads are one of the best tools to spread a message to a large audience. But the number of ads that attack us every day is so great that it is difficult to design a banner that stands out from the others and creates a good first impression.


A good banner should be flashy and creative, it should have a clear and relevant call to action and not be too invasive. If you want to design a perfect banner do not miss the examples that we have compiled in this post, we are sure that they will be able to inspire you.


1. Add unexpected elements


Sometimes changing the font (as Google has done in this banner) is a good idea. It works especially well in this ad where Google is looking for new employees since the typography style mimics the handwritten typeface that you might find on any bulletin board. This makes the idea of working for Google much more reachable instead of intimidating.


2. Create different sizes and formats


This example shows perfectly how different banner sizes can be designed by changing the layout of the elements. You will have to reduce some elements, others you will have to remove them, and it may be necessary that you add new ones.


3. Use vibrant colors


The pink color combined with the blue, in contrast, draws much attention from the users. Incorporating vibrant colors into your designs will help your banner stand out from the crowd.


4. Less is more


If there is one thing that Coca-Cola does well is to make the simple something extraordinary. You have the product, the logo and a short message, that's all you need. Cramming an information banner will confuse users. Include only the most important.


5. Keep up with the latest trends


Keeping up with the latest trends and news is a good way to get more clicks on the banners. In this case, Campbell has created a line of products with the characters from the new Star Wars movie and also shows them in their banners to attract more users.


6. Add texture to reinforce the message


Campbell has created another successful standby incorporating texture. It is a subtle change that nevertheless adds a nice homey touch that identifies with your brand.


7. Let the product stand out on its own


The ice cream stands out against the gray background, which acts as a neutral ground to exhibit the product. If the background had been more colorful, the product would have been lost and the message would not have been so clear.


8. Use different typefaces


Combining different fonts is fashionable. In this case, the fonts created for this and also act as if they were a slice of pizza that describes its ingredients.


9. Use simple graphics


Simple graphics are very effective for the design of websites and applications and also for banners. In this ad, the simplicity of the graphics balances the photograph allowing the car to stand out from the rest of the elements.


10. Give a touch of humor


Adding a touch of humor is also a good idea to earn more clicks on your ad. This State Farm banner refers to the most popular music festival: Coachella. It tells you that you can see it from the comfort of your own home instead of having to camp several days and not shower.